Waterboss Pro Advantages

Chlorine Reduction to Nominal Amounts...

  • KDF- Kinetic Degradation Fluxion.
  • Whole house chlorine reduction. Why limit chlorine reduction to your kitchen tap with a filter that contains only about 3oz. of activated carbon requiring a cartridge change every 40 gallons?
  • Protection from chlorine induced dry skin.
  • Improved taste and odor.
  • NO cartridge changes!

Soft Water Improves Your Life...

  • Cleaner, brighter laundry
  • Make your dishes sparkle and shine
  • Food and beverages taste better
  • Feel the softness of your skin and hair after showering
  • Reduce objectionable chlorine taste and odor in your home's water supply

Soft Water Saves You Money...

  • Save on soap & cleaning products
  • Extend the life of your water using appliances & plumbing fixtures
  • Save on Energy Cost It takes 20% more electric and 28% more gas to heat hard water.
  • Lower your cost of salt and water consumption every Waterboss has patented built-in technology that saves you money.