What's in your water?
Pro180 ProPlus380

The WaterBoss Pro Line!
Bringing added protection to your home & family

WaterBoss, is American owned. Engineered and manufactured in the United States, WaterBoss water softeners are now available with KDF! WaterBoss, building on the 20 year success of its compact water treatment systems, introduces the WaterBoss model 180 water softener and the WaterBoss model 380 water softener. The WaterBoss line offers the superior quality of the WaterBoss with the added advantage of each model suitable for use on city and well water applications.

The new WaterBoss Line of water softeners feature a powerful combination of 3 separate medias acting together to filter, soften and improve the taste of your water!

The WaterBoss 180 and 380 function as a 4-in-1 water treatment system, featuring:

  • WaterBoss line with KDF. KDF is a patented process media that is 100 percent recyclable and contains no chemical additives. The WaterBoss line with KDF safely reduces chlorine from your water to nominal amounts.
  • A patented built-in, self-cleaning, 20 micron dirt and sediment filter. No more cartridge changes!
  • A patented, multi-compartment tank allowing for the proper use of fine mesh ion exchange resin. The proper use of fine mesh resin results in up to 10ppm, Iron reduction, 80% water savings and 50% salt savings.
  • A patented, compact unit providing soft water for your entire household
  • The WaterBoss line offers a 5/10 year limited warranty. The best in the DIY domestic water softener market.

The WaterBoss water softeners are American made using state of the art injection molding technology, laser welding, precise robotic assembly and receiving a full systems testing prior to shipment.

To assist with the DIY'ers, the Waterboss line offers a factory trained and factory based customer support staff.